Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Etsy Focus: Linen Bedding...

Linen Bedding on Etsy :Linen Tales In Bed
Softened Linen Pillow case : House of Balthic Linen Etsy

I don't know where my obsession with Linen sheets has come from but aren't they just divine? Linen is the perfect material for bedding, it is soft, quick to dry (an essential in the winter for those of us without tumble dryers) and there is no point Ironing it..... it will always be nice and creased :)

The three companies that I am most impressed with on Etsy are : Moo Shop, House of Baltic Linen and Linen Tales in Bed. All three companies are small in size, offering handmade quality items, at prices that match or cheaper than the high street mass produced versions

Linen Duvet cover and Sham set Moo Shop on Etsy


Anonymous said...

I'm getting a new bed- so new sheets would be a great ad on!
These are perfect!

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

You have impeccable timing! This time of year thoughts always turn to nesting and where more important than the bed? Lovely sheets, off to have a closer look. Thank you!