Sunday 24 April 2016

Current Obsession :Heidi Anderson's Ceramic Totems

Heidi Anderson's Ceramic Totems

I came across these little Totem guys and gals by ceramic artist Heidi Anderson on The Radder's Instagram feed and just had to share. I particularly (and predicatbly) love the totems with the Moon above their heads....and they sit firmly at the top of my wish list...

" I make ceramic agateware pottery vases, planters, and sculptures that are inspired by the pottery and art of the southwest, as well as folk art of different cultures around the world. My approach is informed by my back ground in painting in the way I create designs with a method called agateware, in which different clays are combined and shaped into patterns and designs that are inlayed into the clay.
My art is informed by my appreciation of forms found in nature, geometric shapes, and the hand hewn in methods of craft. I am inspired by the many possibilities that working with clay offers and the endless ways it guides my imagination."

Heidi's Totems are available  online via The Radder.and yes, they ship Internationally, I have already checked :)

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LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Oh! New to me and really fabulous! Thanks for sharing ..... you always find the best things.