Saturday 9 April 2016

Experimental Greenhouse living in Rotterdam

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When I was in my teens I read a book called This Other Eden by Ben Elton. Set in the future, where in essence everyone was going to have to live in biodomes as we had destroyed the planet.... There was a lot more to the plot........I am sure this was supposed to be a scary prospect for the reader but I thought this idea of living in a self sufficient bubble of glass was so cool (not the demise of the planet bit)!

So when I saw this experimental home in Rotterdam, Netherlands, it certainly sent my heart racing. The home is an experimental greenhouse designed by students at Rotterdam university, that Plant Stylist Helly and her family are living in for the next three years.

  It features glass windows on the roof that are tilted toward the sun to maximize solar gain, and to increase natural ventilation. Air also comes in through a pipe that's located three feet below ground, which brings in cool air during the summer, and warm air during winter -- thus naturally lowering heating and cooling costs.

Most importantly, there is a large rooftop garden, that produces an array of vegetables and fruits year round for the family of four and their dog -- tomatoes, watermelon, peppers, beets, zucchini and cauliflower. There is also a rainwater collection system, which stores water in rooftop tanks, to be used for irrigation, washing and flushing toilets.

To view more of the home and for regular updates on the families progress visit Helly Scholten's web page here or Instagram here

All Photos by Helly Scholten,

Images from Instagram
Text excerpt from TreeHugger


Lonelyfield said...

There is a house like that in Sweden to. A family builded a greenhouse around a tradtitionell swedish house. It's so cool!!
The lunk is in swedish, but som good pictures and Google translate will give you a hint =)

Thanks for a great blog! It's very inspirering. You are welcome to visit my blog, In swedish, but with some pictures of my home and garden.

Unknown said...

America is the world's most culturally dominant county, but you can join the resistance by using the word "courgette"!

Unknown said...

In the words of my day - Far Out!