Friday 12 August 2016

Small Jungle Style Gardens

Small Jungle garden: Nicola Stoken Tomkins

My garden is, like my house, tiny. Being an inner-city garden it is also overlooked  (which I Will never get used to) and as I have an energetic toddler, currently a bit of a state. The people who lived here before us kindly (not) planted bamboo which grows out of control very quickly if not contained. So some drastic action is required on my behalf....

So my current obsession is finally creating the jungle garden I have been dreaming about for a couple of years. The images I have used here are my current inspiration!

Small urban jungle garden
Jungle garden
Balinese jungle style garden


Justyna ┼╗ukowska said...

Like in paradise. Greetings Justyna.

moonpoppy said...

love love love.

Unknown said...

Exactly what I want