Friday, 28 October 2016

Flower Mandala: Finley Jordan for Aniela Parys

Flower mandala

There are good things about social media and bad. The bad is when people save photos with no links (i have been guilty in the past) but the best is when you put a picture up and invite people to tell you about it. This happened yesterday with the picture above... woo hoo!

I discovered flower mandala's a few years ago and often make them with my little boy (well i make and he destroys) but this outdoor bath scene with a flower mandala really took my breath away.

I quickly learnt that the mandala is the work of Finley Jordan for Aniela Parys's elegant lingerie collection/label and had to share with you guys.

I am sure not many of us would have time for such an elaborate bath time ritual but it is a good reminder for us to take time to relax and treat ourselves every once in a while... especially in the presence of natural bath products.

Aniela Parys Look book
Flower mandala: Finley Jordan for Aniela Parys

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Linda said...

This is so amazing...I love my bath rituals..I am going to have to make a flower mandala soon... this was exceptional...Thanks for sharing...

Linda :)