Saturday, 15 October 2016

Geodesic Domes.....

Geodesic Dome Via Shelter Protects
Shuhei Endo’s “Bubbletecture H” Building
See the full tour of this dome home here

Geodesic dome house interior

Geodesic dome house
Oh mama!! These Geodesic Domes are just awesome aren't they?

So organic and warm :)

I have a huge collection of pictures of houses like this that i have stored on a secret pinterest board so i will be sure to share some more of these beauties in the near future....


A massive thank you to those who emailed (especially lovely moonpoppy) and asked if I have been okay due to the lack of blog posts this past few weeks. I am actually really okay. I have had a tough year, going back to work after having my little boy was a real struggle for me and keeping up with blogging on top of motherhood and working has been hard, I cringe to think of all the forgotten emails and projects that i have planned (sorry to those who i have missed on the way).

We have naturally fallen into an attachment parenting style which although so right for us does have its slight drawbacks..... co-sleeping with a wiggly toddler doesn't make for a good nights sleep, although it is more than magical to wake up and look at his beautiful face... so i haven't been 100% mentally but i am getting there......

Thank you for your support and encouragement, Moon to Moon doesn't earn me money like other blogs does because i really love supporting smaller businesses so your lovely comments and emails are so very much appreciated

xx Gabi xx


Rebecca said...

Take your time. Find your pace!
I look forward to your posts, but there are "seasons" to our lives :)

Helmi said...

Jep, awesome!!!

Unknown said...

Hi guys,
Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
If someone want to know more about the missouri city homes I think this is the right place for you!

moonpoppy said...

Hello Gaby,I am glad you are doing well!

Attachment parenting can be taxing,even if it comes naturally!
It is perfectly understandable that life gets too buisy sometimes,I am just glad to know you are o.k.

Thanks again for the inspiring pictures,I fell in love with the fourth,and took the tour.What an amazing home,I wish I could actually visit it!

moonpoppy said...

I mean Gabi,ofcourse ;)

Allie said...

Thank you for posting again Gabi, but take your time :) Seasons and priorities shift constantly and that is good!
I have never commented before, so let me just say that I love your beautiful blog!

Travellyn said...

I love these spaces. Enjoy your life and just know when you share a bit of you here, we all connect with some of the finer things in life chosen by you for us to enjoy. Your posts are like little happy blips in my day--no matter when you send them. XOXO

Unknown said...

Nice blog and really beautiful.
Thank You,