Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Natural Light :Ceiling to Floor Windows...

Ceiling to Floor windows in a stunning Wooden frame

In these colder darker overcast English Autumn days I am really thankful for the floor to ceiling windows in my sitting room that let in as much light as possible. My garden may not quite be the urban jungle retreat I would like it to be (it is getting there) but it is great to pull back the curtains and let the natural light flood the room (or creep in on more overcast days).

Each of the rooms i have chosen here have large windows and whether it is another building outside a woodland or an elephant (!!!!!) each of them makes the most of the natural light, which is so crucial to our health and wellbeing.... yet modern mass-built houses seem to forget this detail...

Ceiling to floor windows
Olsen Kundig

I recently read this little excerpt (below) which I found really interesting so I thought I would share with you guys about how light effects our mind and bodies....

"We evolved from exposure to natural day lighting. The sun provides a specific wavelength (blue range) in the early morning that lasts until early afternoon. At that point a different light wavelength is produced (red to orange range). We recently discovered that the retina has a specific photoreceptor that detects light and sends it to a special part of the brain known as the suprachiasm, located near the hypothalamus. Once the suprachiasm is triggered, it sets off the hypothalamus, the master gland that in turn triggers the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands of the brain and body. The hormonal reaction to light is what causes and promotes the diverse actions of the body and health.  

The blue range of light helps our bodies become aroused, alert, attentive and focused. As the day proceeds and we enter the afternoon when the blue range of light shifts to the red/orange range our bodies begin the process of slowing and ultimately sleeping. Our body slows in blood pressure and we enter the four stages of sleep including deep sleep. Melatonin is produced and growth hormones are triggered.  

The circadian rhythm (means approximately a day) is critically important to our health as it has effects on our immune system, ability to fight off disease, hunger and obesity, blood pressure, and cognition. It controls our sleep wake cycle so important for brain function and body regulation."

Source Unknown
Large windows overlooking a river
P.s thank you for your comments and emails following my last post. My little unexpected break from blogging is now over and I have some exciting interviews, reviews and features coming up... so watch this space

xx Gabi xx


Lindsay said...

Love this. Such great info and beautiful pics!

Lindsay said...

Love this. Such great info and beautiful pics!

moonpoppy said...

Reading your blog and looking at all these beautiful pictures is instant meditation for me.I feel totally zen again,thanks :)