Monday, 20 February 2017

The Home of Painter... Christian de Laubadere

I love finding the source for one of my favourite photos and then discovering more of the same home. The top photo has surfaced many a time on Moon to Moon but only now have I discovered a full set of photos of Artist Christian de Laubadere's Shanghai home photographed by Ricardo Labougle for World of Interiors. This beautiful home is wonderfully eclectic and I just love the layers of rugs and textiles in de Laubadere's home...

Below is a small excerpt from a 2013 interview with the French artist and his girlfriend from the Global Times

"I like the kitchen very much, which I think is the symbol of a family," de Laubadère said. "The only thing I always kept from my hometown in France here in Shanghai is a cookbook about French cuisine."

Several years ago, in order to create a huge painting for a hotel in Lhasa, de Laubadère had to move out of his small residence and studio on Huashan Road. He rented a deserted factory warehouse hidden on the ground floor of a commercial building in Changning district and converted it into a house, painting the exposed brick wall white and filling the 220-square-meter space with odds and ends he has collected over the years.

"This is our third residence in Shanghai, and the largest one," de Laubadère's girlfriend told the Global Times. "He was so excited after finding this space since it finally gave him an opportunity to display all of his Chinese porcelain, antiques and handicrafts which he bought from the antique and flea markets on Fangbang Road and Henan Road in Shanghai, and also other places he's traveled to, like Tibet, Taiwan and India."

Entering through a thick cloth curtain door, the space is divided into a living area at the front and the painting studio in the back. The living area consists of a reception space, a kitchen and a bedroom above built by iron and wood beams. Through an iron staircase, the bedroom connects itself with the space below to form a loft.

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