Sunday, 14 January 2018

New Moon: Sweet Elm dolls

Sweet Elm, Waldorf Inspired Dolls

It has been a long time since I did a post for children but these little dolls from Sweet Elm are so very beautiful that I just had to share. They are available either pre-made or in kit form... I for one am totally smitten with the little 'summer' mum and baby in a sling (below), it reminds me of those very special times carrying my son in my sling :)

Sweet Elm is an Australian based, family run business. We’re long-term wanderers from opposite sides of the world, currently exploring Australia's east coast. We're nature lovers and adventure-seekers with a passion for making.

Back in 2010, our little ones were growing into toddlers and watching them made us strong believers in the magic of open-ended play. We watched in awe as they tapped into deep wells of imagination and freedom. As parents we wanted to provide our kids with quality handmade toys. Toys that reflected our values and could be treasured in our family for many years. We envisioned magical wee folk who could join our children in their play. 

We first started making these dolls because we couldn’t find the toys we were after in shops. We were seeking simple, yet beautiful toys that let our children’s imaginations lead the way. What we never anticipated was how these wee dolls could bring so much joy purely in the process of making them. In learning how to make them we gained skills that flowed into other creations for our home. But the greatest joy of all came from the slow stitching, which was eagerly watched by our darlings as they waited for their new friend.

I hope I have packaged all of that into these humble kits. The pure pleasure that comes from taking a moment to quietly stitch for someone you love. The excitement the children feel as they watch their dolls come to life. And the new skills and confidence to make other handmade treasures that will last for years to come. I hope with all my heart, to pass on the gifts that these wee dolls have given to me.

To view more of these beautiful dolls and buy yourself a kit visit Sweet Elm or head on over to follow them on instagram @sweet.elm

Poppet kit dolls from Sweet Elm

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