Monday, 30 March 2020

Under the Oak :A converted Wagon in Wales

Under the Oak : Convertion in wales . Photo by Iris Thorsteinsdottir

As Wagon conversions go this one is pretty epic! Not only that but it is near my parents in Powis. The best news is the stunning conversion is available for short rentals via Canopy and Stars (this is not a paid post , just throught it would be of interest), the perfect place to retreat in all this current madness..... wht do you think?

 The railway wagon was used for many years for nothing more than storage. Fittingly, it now houses a collection of weird and wonderful objects that Jim has collected on his travels round the world as a cameraman. Now that both the wagon and the owners have settled a little, the transformation from railway carriage to living space has been completed.

A full length glazed wall gives lovely views out to the commons and a 6ft 6” square bed invites you to spread out. The wagon’s original ironwork has been used to make some of the fittings and the dark wood, also remaining from the original construction, gives a lovely rich feel. The wagon has gas hobs, a camping toaster and a Weber BBQ, plus a firepit and log seats outdoors. The washing up sink, prep area, fridge and other another gas ring are outside, undercover at the end of the wagon.
Under the Oak is tucked between two barns and screened by trees from Jim and Jude’s other project, Under the Ash, a converted showman’s wagon. Each have their own private compost loo and share a hot gas-powered shower, which are about 10 yards from both spaces. Although they are quite close together and near the cottage, every effort has been taken to give them their own areas and Jim & Jude’s friends have been enjoying staying there for years.

Under the Oak : Convertion in wales . Photo by Iris Thorsteinsdottir

Under the Oak: Conversion in Wales

Under the Oak: Photos via canopy and Stars


Jen said...

I want to move in!

Parchment Paths said...

This is beautiful!Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

Oh! So inviting! More, please.

Kerry said...

So happy to see some new posts! You have such a way of putting things together. Thank you.

talamia said...

Just wanted to wave hello and say that I've followed your blog for years now, it's the most beautiful compilation :) You haven't posted in a while... I really hope you are safe and well during this crisis <3

Forrest Aguirre said...

Looks like heaven. May have to try to stay there next time I head to Hay-on-Wye.

Katrina said...

This is gorgeous!!