Tuesday 29 June 2010

Exam stress

I am busy revising for 3 exams on Friday. Biology, Psychology and Sociology, so I am a little stressed. So todays post is to remind me to relax, breathe and chill.

The top image is from Matthew Williamsons home
Middle is from Marie Claire
Bottom from the YongHe gong lama temple in Beijing I visited last summer.


Julia said...

wish you tons of luck and confidence for your exams! i postponed my test for today until autumn, cause i felt that i really hadnt learnt enough, and i´m not happy with "just passing" an important test. really dont do that often, but this time it was the right decision.... anyways, toitoitoi to you!

Carousel Dreams said...

Sending you lovely calming thoughts...I am sure you will do well. Lovely images, by the way...hugs x

Moon to Moon said...

Cheers guys.
I am such a procrastinator, I always say next time i will start earlier but .......