Sunday, 13 June 2010

Where's the clutter?

My boyfriends parents live in the most beautiful house on the top of a hill overlooking a valley and the sea. I really love the place, it has crisp white walls, a whole wall of windows, perfectly matching natural wood furniture and built in bookcases. It is one of the most relaxing places ever, and housesitting for them is never a chore.

However, one thing always plays on my mind, where is all their stuff? Extra loo rolls, random purchases, ebay finds, where are they?

Although it is beautiful and relaxing I am not sure i could ever live in a home where everything has a place. The pictures above are my compromise, in varying levels they all still have a minimal feel, but with added stuff


Wilmary S. said...

I love those!

Julia said...

maybe they have a secret room/cellar where they go to take a bath in their clutter^^
i see you like winter kate moccasins too!

Unknown said...

love the turquoise couch: so comfy-looking. and the shallow white stairs with the rope hand-railing! my house has a bit of organized cluttery collection vibe going on, too.