Sunday 5 September 2010

Bohemian bedspreads

Bright bohemian bedroom
Handmade wooden home
Beautiful bohemian rustic bedroom
Bright colourful bohemian bedroom
Bohemian bedroom
The ultimate accessory Bohemian bedspreads to perk up a dull room :)


Chai Addict said...

Oh this is absolutely stunning!!!

Moon to Moon said...

Glad you like them. My favourite is the 4th one. My grandmother made me a blanket like that when i was little :)

CatHerder said...

Must tell you i just spent the better part of an hour surfing your blog...every image struck a chord with me....i am now ready to hit the stores for some paint and velvet and richly colored moroccan textiles....AMAZING!!!!!

mamabeaks said...

Yes, My friend Cat Herder just posted about your blog and I love it. I fav'ed your blog.