Friday, 24 September 2010

Butlers sink's

First 3 images from Living etc

I love butlers sinks, my parents have always favoured them over the modern type. The funny thing about them is that they are a very common find in British Victorian/Edwardian gardens being used as planters, which i find really funny as they, in my opinion, are so much nicer than the ones they were usually replaced with. However, as you can see from below they can also look great in the garden with herbs and plants in.


Unknown said...

Hi there! This type of sink would be perfect for me! I love sinks to be deep and wide because you can literally wash anything in them! American sinks are normally very shallow and small unless you install your very own. Thank you so much for following me! Ironically you are my 101st follower and by me following you too, I am your 101st follower! How neat is that right! We've both reached a milestone in this blogging world. Haha. I hope we can become friends during this time! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! I added it my blogroll although MY blog and YOUR blog have nothing to do with eachother....I need your blog just a click away! ;)

Diane Costanza Studio said...

I love their farmhouse feel. The top kitchen is fabulously authentic!


bloggingfromthebog said...

Thanks for using the photo of our Belfast sink/Butlers sink in Kilkee! I agree - these sinks are far too nice to be used as planters and belong in the kitchen. But years ago my mother-in-law "modernized" her Dublin kitchen and out went the Belfast sink into the back garden. Now we've moved it to our front garden in West Clare, Ireland where it is working as a planter until I can get it refitted into the kitchen where it truly belongs!