Friday, 17 September 2010

Swimming Pool

Bottom image: Arch daily

Whether it's a romantic Moroccan getaway, a wood view pool, a relaxing space under the stairs or a perfect modern swimming pool complete with chairs for sunning  myself, right now with crisp Autumn mornings having arrived almost overnight, I am dreaming about waking up on a sunny day and starting the day with a swim.

As the English weather is notoriously cold I may just have to settle for an inside pool like the one below. I could see myself chilling out in there, with a glass of Whiskey in one hand, watching the fire.

Well I can dream!


Anonymous said...

awsome post. the indoor pool by the fire is my fav.

kerrie elaine said...

your tastes are divine!

Julia said...

the indoor pool looks really natural... i think i would like it best if you can open the windows in summer:)
plus: the hammok is the perfect place to chill out after swimming!

swimming pool construction said...

All the pools in the this post is so great. But for me the best swimming pool is on the third picture. It look so clean and very relaxing. I also love the design of the building beside it.