Friday 10 September 2010

New Toast Catalogue

Toast Hammam soap

above:Toast Crochet cushion covers and Welsh tapestry rug

Toast Teapot and egg cosy

Toast Brechfa Blanket

Toast striped Djellaba

At last the new Toast catalogue has arrived. I am in love with their wide collection of Bohemian clothing and house wears. Not only are their products so beautifully made but their photography is always stunning. They also use one of my all time favourite stylists Twig Hutchinson. A couple of years ago they went through a bit of a lull with frumpy bland clothing, but this season see's Toast back at the top of their game.

My favourite item this season is the Yellow crochet cushion as seen on the stool  above. Devine


Julia said...

i love the cushions too!
must make those^^

shopgirl said...

Love the robe/dress on the bottom. I so want this one.

p.s. cute blog!

Rambles with Reese

Sonja said...

Hi Violet!!
Thanks so much for your blog comment.
I love the photos you post on here!!! So pretty and so inspirational. Love your style!