Sunday 28 November 2010

-18 degrees

Wow, it is snowing therefore freezing here in the UK. Where my parents live it is -18 degrees C!  So today my inspiration is the humble fireplace, so simple yet so very necessary.

Hows the weather where you are?


Carousel Dreams said...

What gorgeous little fireplaces! Nothing quite like an open fire...well, it is almost the first day of summer here in Australia, and we have had record rainfalls! It's crazy, one day is hot, the next day we need the fire on. It's all about layers of clothing where I live - 4 seasons in one day!

Julia said...

We had the first snow this year two days ago, here in Vienna, i love to see everything with that white coat on it - sooo romantic :)
that broom in the first picture looks funny!

X said...

It is -2 here in Chicago. We finally got some snow over the weekend. FREEZING.