Friday, 23 November 2012

Sponsorship for December

Moon rise by Beth Hoekel

Hey Guys and Gals. To celebrate my favourite winter month and the start of my new job (nurse in A&E, eeek!) I am offering Sponsorship at a reduced rate for December. December promises to be a good month on Moon to Moon with more readers house tours, an awesome giveaway and some christmas reviews....

So if you have a blog, shop or business and you would like a banner on the right side bar, then get in contact with me and reserve a slot at

Sponsorship is now in dollars not pounds

$60 for a 250 x 150 or

$40 for a 250 x 75

If you are interested in statistics then visit my sponsorship space here

I am away in Deepest Cornwall with limited iphone coverage so dont be offended if i dont get back staright away



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Unknown said...

Hi Moon, thanks for sharing the cool photos of dining room. I'll rearrange mine like yiu.
OGradys Landscape