Sunday, 27 January 2013

Shop: Joinery

Wire basket
Large Rag Rug
Lunne Tumbler
I would love that wire basket for my kitchen (although it would sadly get totally squished coming from New York to England). And although I am anything but musically talented that Egyptian Tambourine would be a pretty edition to my home. Joinery has some beautiful handmade quality pieces.


hippyatheart said...

love that rag rug!

Boho Mixology said...

What a gorgeous shop! So many beautiful pieces.

Zoe x

Stefanie said...

Everything on this post is so amazing! Love it.

Unknown said...

Hi Gabi,

I too love the wire basket - I think you could give making one a go. You just need some pliable wire and maybe something to make it around like a ball to hold its shape that then could deflated after.