Sunday, 13 January 2013

Geometric shelving

Geometric shelving at The General Store

General Store SF
Geometric shelf: design sponge
A- Frame shelf via pinterest
I am loving these triangle and geometric shelves that seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment. It would be a fun project to transform some reclaimed wood, a little A-frame would look awesome in my tiny bathroom.


Open Eyes Open Heart said...

I like these a LOT! Especially that second set of triangular shelves and the other ones that were hanging on the wall. Cool ideas.

Boho Mixology said...

So amazing I wish I had the space for some, they make such a cool feature.

Zoe xxx

Peeta said...

I have seen those triangle shaped ones in Pinterest, but in the third picture was something fresh. I love the fact that its not symmetrical! I could bild something like that in my kitchen wall :)

Thanks for sharing!

xxx Peeta from