Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The studio of ...Michael Chandler

This is the home of East- London born Capetonian and the man behind Chandler House. This place has really caught my eye as I love shelf browsing. I find it really interesting looking at peoples collections of books and ornaments.
For the full interview and more images visit itswhatiminto


ngmyatt said...

Love these pictures. Some really quirky stuff!


Rose Catron said...

Oh my god. I love these shelves!

Rebecca said...

I'm with you - finding peoples' collections of books & ornaments fascinating! I'm going to go look at more images!

Baylee said...

So cool.
I love shelf browsing too.
Thanks for posting!

Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

he's got a great collection of- stuff ya know?

dayna said...

I love it!! So inspiring!

Unknown said...

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Michael Chandler said...

Hi Gabi,

thanks for posting this. I'm a complete magpie. Incurable perhaps.

Greetings from Cape Town,

Michael x