Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I have just come back from a wonderful long weekend in Copenhagen and have fallen in Love. 

Of course I visited all the traditional tourist hot-spots, Nyhaven , Christinsborg Palacel, The Freecity of Chistiania (once a beautiful hippie community now just intimidating)  etc but what I fell for was the beautiful Botanical gardens and Geological Museum. The Spiral staircase pictured, leads to a rickety walkway high above the main palm house which was both terrifying and magical!

Cactus house at the Copenhagen Botanical gardens
Spiral staircase at the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens
View from my lunch box: Copenhagen Botanical gardens lake
Copenhagen Botanical gardens palm House
Scolecite at Copenhagen geological Museum
Okenite at Copenhagen Geological Museum
The meditative walk to the top at Round Tower in the centre of Copenhagen

All images via my instagram :)


Sadie Ruben said...

Wow my favourite blog likes my hometown, how cool is that???

Anyway parts of Christania is still a beautiful hippie community and there are the most amazing houses, but "Pusher Street" as it is called, is NOT a very nice place to be, I agree.

You should come back another time and see some more!

If you haven´t seen it, you should try getting your fingers on this book:

Kath said...

Lovely photos, I'm pleased you had such an enjoyable trip. I LOVE the Okenite "cave" I have never seen it before.

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Lovely photographs! Those stairs look amazing .... Minerva x

hidden art of homemaking said...

love the cactus garden...

hippyatheart said...

Oh my god, I really love the botanical gardens, reminds me so much of kew gardens! really have to go there for a weekend, too but the hotel prices are so high :/

Patent Agent said...

Some beautiful photos, love the filter on them!

Poisson D'Avril said...

this is so beautiful!
I hope that I'll go someday there, too.

thanks for the photos =)

Linda said...

Wow...Looks wonderful that meditative walk...:D

BlueMoon said...

i love nature..i love green...i love sun...i love rain...u r great..keep it up!!!i like all of them!!!

Lawendowydom2013 said...

I love your BLog! Beautiful photo !

Monika Jones said...

Beautiful photos! It looks really nice!

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