Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Diane Itter

Diane Itter, basket weave. From the book The Art of Fabric: Mainstream
Diane Itter
Triangles by Diane Itter

Diane Itter began experimenting with fiber in 1968 while she was an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh, and continued her explorations as a graduate student at Indiana University. By the 1970s, she had refined her knotting techniques, taking inspiration from such wide-ranging sources as Peruvian weaving techniques, Native American mini-baskets, Amish textiles, and English miniatures. Besides working on her craft, she taught courses in weaving, quiltmaking, and other arts at Indiana University and directed the Crafts and Design Program there. By the time she passed away from cancer in 1989, Itter had created more than 350 works.

"I view my work as studies or fragments, parts of some greater whole as yet undiscovered.
 For me the excitement evolves as I work on the pieces - there is no planning involved 
and the pieces are always open to change. The working process is of greater importance
 than the finished piece…I have the desire to create something so complex that the
 method of its madness cannot be figured out."


Kath said...

How lovely, thankyou for introducing me to this artist.

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Linda said...

Wow what beautiful work....Thanks for sharing her art :D

the wild magnolia said...

especially love the basket weaves.

Unknown said...

enjoy it. I really like it. and your basket is just an amazing one cheap beds with mattress sale

Elegant Ground Homeware said...

Lovely patterns! This would make a great accent decor or even as bedspreads patterns :D