Friday 6 September 2013


Elephante: A handmade house in Arizona.

This is the last chamber of "Pipe Dreams" Giant tassel by Elizabeth March. Dreams by Peyote.

This beautiful sculptural home was build by husband and wife team Michael Kahn and Leda Livant Kahn and is one of the most interesting and beautiful homes I have ever seen. The home, called Elephante, features beautiful hand made stained glass windows, a re-purposed truck made into a bedroom and a kitchen made of driftwood, carved branches, stones, earth, leaves, weeds, mirror and broken pottery.
My favorite room is the chamber of dreams, which is yours?..

I am currently in Copenhagen for a long weekend, Hope you enjoy yours

xx gabi xx


Cait O'Connor said...

Yes the chamber of dreams!

Kath said...

I loved the first pic. I am a quilt maker as you know and I was peering in, trying to get a better look at those quilts. I love the faded fabrics in them.

Meg said...

This is near my own home in Arizona and I am so happy to see featured here. Michael passed away in 2007 and the dream continues with community and international support. :) Blessings.

Annejeilna said...

Wow this is amazing, they also put a piano in the house! So unique. Love!
<3 xo Annejelina

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