Saturday 28 September 2013

Cafe Hopping...

Being a shift worker and having 4 days off a week, I am a total sucker for a bit of cafe hopping. A latte here, a cup of tea there... with friends or even on with just the company of a good book (either to read, or to pretend to read, the perfect disguise for a bit of people watching). These are some of my favorite cafes from Pinterest, each chosen for their relaxing properties ... now all I need is a 
tele-porting devise

Caravan Restaurant
Julianna's cafe, Atlanta
Mistral cafe, Paris
The Budding Vegetarian Cafe, Galway
Es Jaç Coctail Bar – Mallorca
Attridge &Cole , Belfast


Unknown said...

These are absolutely stunning photos! Thanks for sharing them. I LOVE your blog!!


My Grama's Soul said...

Such pretty spots....with such charm.


Poisson D'Avril said...

these are so great!


Pauline West said...

What a cozy post! Especially love the cafe in Atlanta; wonderful when plants are allowed to grow so thick and wild.

Kath said...

LOVE that veggie cafe in Galway. Love everything about it, the glass roof, the plants, the rustic cosiness and of course the meat free menu :-)

Jo Potter said...
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Jo Potter said...

A friend told me about your lovely blog as I also love interior design and I used to live in Bath, not far from you in Bristol.
Pinterest is great for creative ideas and I also like the idea of collecting images. I have featured some interior images on my September blog post that might interest you too!
I love your collection of photos and of course the cafe scene as well. It has been good to stop by and visit you!
Best wishes,
Jo. x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for this terrific blog! I visit it very often. But (for once) I notice a little mistake : Le Café Mistral is not in Paris, but in Anvers (Antwerp), Belgium. And that's too bad, because I AM in Paris and would have loved to try it right away ;-)

Marie L.

Jay said...

Wow! You manage to get around a lot in four days! I love the look of Mistral cafe, looks like a cool haunt.