Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Bohemian Tarot Wagon of.... Erin Smith aka Vardo Tarot

Erin in her Gypsy Tarot Wagon 

Vardo Tarot
Vardo Tarot is a beautiful converted truck built by Tarot reader Erin Smith, after a flash of inspiration to read tarot full time and build this beautiful Gypsy style Tarot Wagon. Last spring, with the help of a carpenter friend, work began on the transformation of the truck...

"The craftsmanship is phenomenal. Everyone who comes on board is thoroughly charmed by
 the space.  I’m completely blessed to have had the help of such dear and gifted friends. The
 love that went into it’s building really comes across in the energy of the space. We finished it 
about five months ago "

I too am totally charmed by the truck, full of beautifully crafted furnishings and textiles the truck has an antique feel, it is hard to believe it is only 5 months old!

When discovering Vardo Tarot  over at The Local Rose I totally lucked out, not only did I find these beautiful images but also The Local Rose, a beautiful website ran from Santa Monica resident Shiva Rose, packed full of inspiring stories and recepies..


Melissa said...

Oh, this is so dreamy! I'm in love. I want a place like this of my own someday. x


LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Love the stained glass. Thank you for sharing, and the website too. x

Anonymous said...

Love it :)


Anonymous said...

what a nice truck!. loving all your posts. just discoverd a dress , that looks a little like the one erin wear. for all of you who like it :)

love xx

Milla said...

These are awesome and by crazy co-incidence I know the "friend" who helped build it! I'd love to get a reading from her!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the truck!

Elham said...

This is a very nice looking vehicle. I like the setup you have and the arrangement of the place.

Online Tarot Reader said...

I'm inspired after seeing this. I've always dreamed of having a 'tarot wagon' that could travel just about anywhere and doing the 'gypsy' thing! The vehicle itself is absolutely beautiful and I love the colored glass in the windows. Beautiful photos, by the way. Really well done.