Monday 27 January 2014

Etsy Focus... Kitchen Medicine and Moon Cycle Charts from Chelsea Grange Art

Kitchen Medicine Poster, from Chelsea Grange Art on Etsy

The Kitchen Medicine poster (measures 13x19 inches) is a collaboration between community herbalist, Brittany Nickerson of Thyme Herbal  and artist/illustrator Chelsea Granger. This poster is part of our Everyday Living which came from the desire to make beautiful and informative teaching and reference tools for the home. The Kitchen Medicine poster is a place to learn about the medicinal qualities and uses of a few common herbs that can be found in lots of kitchens, gardens and supermarkets. 
;The 10 Herbs illustrated on this poster are: Basil, Dill, Rosemary, Oregano, Parsley, Mint, Cilantro, Thyme, Sage and Tarragon!
The accessibility of these herbs is exciting and magical, potentially even shifting how we see the world- when we can begin to see and use common herbs as medicine we begin to take health and healing into our own hands, homes and communities. We hope this poster can be a helpful tool and also inspire curiosity and a sense of wonder and awe from the plants growing all around us. This is folk medicine- full of magic and wonder and possibility, it is about reconnecting with old wisdom so that we may better take care of ourselves, each other, and the land we live on.

2014 Moon Calender
Our 2014 Moon Calendar (measures 9"x24" inches) is inspired by the night sky and the giant magic moon above. The phases of the moon are integrally connected to process and ritual. Like the phases of the moon, our lives are full of patterns and cycles. An awareness of the moon’s phases allows us to embody this cycle of birth, rebirth and decay in our daily lives. The 2014 Moon Calendar includes information and lore written by community herbalist Brittany Nickerson of Thyme Herbal about the different phases of the moon and how to support and honor one’s process throughout these changing phases. 


Milla said...

Haha! I just got these in the mail, love them!

Roots and Feathers said...

thanks!! just ordered the moon calendar! wonderful.