Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bohemian Summer: Bathroom Inspiration....

Stunning hand built bathroom and tiles in a Mbabane House via Kelly in Kagoshima
1970's hippie coastal chic Malibu bathroom by Carl Gillberg
Outdoors bathroom: This is my dream....
Kelly Connoley's Outdoor bath
Earth ship Bathroom: Image by Heather Culp
Dreamy Bohemian bathroom by Emily Katz
Here is a bit of Bathroom porn for you all!!! It is finally hot here in England and I am dreaming of an outdoor tub to keep me cool... Bliss!!


KamilÄ— said...

These are all so amazing! I just want to dip in those tubs right now!


moonpoppy said...

I am feeling relaxed just by looking at them!

PinkPanthress said...

These bathrooms are all so gorgeous.
I am more of a shower person, but in those tubs I would like to lie back. :)

Lally said...

These are beautiful!

I truly love your blog, all the pictures are amazing!