Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Reading Nooks....

Book nook
Book Nook
Book Nook
Reading Nook
Cozy reading corner..
A comfy readin Nook in Seattles Left Bank Book Co-Op
Reading Nook... complete with sheepskin covered Poang chair from Ikea (so comfy)
REading Nook

Today is my birthday and with the weather forecast showing rain all day long and with me not being able to walk more than a few hundred yards (38 weeks pregnant), I fully intend to spend it chilling out and enjoying re-reading Women who Run with the Wolves on the sofa with my feet up.... bliss!

So here is a little reading nook inspiration for you all, to tempt you in joining me  :)


Kath said...

Happy birthday Gabi! Have a lovely relaxing day x

rebecca said...

Happy, HAPPY Birthday! I can't help but add several of these photos to my "book decor" Pinterest board :)
Enjoy every minute of your day. Sounds delightful!

Meg said...

Birthday blessings galore sweet one! Thank you for the gorgeous images this morning. I always enjoy your blog and photos. I grew up on communal land in New York and my dad helped to build and "barn raise" some of the homes from the Woodstock Houses book you featured here. Your blog always resonates with me, thank you. 38 weeks - so exciting! Much love & wellness. Have a beautfiul day.

PinkPanthress said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!
And have a safe journey through the last days with your little one. ;)

I adore each of these reading nooks.
Something I always wanted myself, but my tiny home has no space for it. :/

Pauline West said...

Happy birthday! Dr. Pinkola is magic; what lovely stories to fall into with your little one inside you :)

Alicja Fenigsen said...

congratulations! and thank for the cosy pictures!

Valentina Duracinsky said...

dreamy x

Valentina Duracinsky Blog

Jil Browne said...

Perfect way to spend a birthday. Love the book you are re-reading. If left to fall open at will, it seems to always reveal something I needed to remember at that moment in time. I wonder what will catch your eye?

KamilÄ— said...

I know that I'm WAY to late, but I really want to wish you a happy birthday. Or maybe, just a very happy year.

Reading is truly the best thing that you can do when it's raining. A home without books is like a body without soul.


Anonymous said...

We are due at the same time! I am also re-reading Women Who Run With The Wolves. Love your blog and wishing you the most incredible journey for your birth and beyond x