Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Overgrown Hideaway...

David Brook and Debi Trelore Easy Living 2005

Before I first started blogging I picked up a copy of a magazine in the dentist and I remember thinking how magical this place looked. Huge overgrown plants covering the windows and walls. Pretty white lace curtains covering the old timber door frame. And behind an inviting looking sofa was a photo wall. It made me want a secret hiding place, the kind of place only I could go, maybe a studio to write or create art, or even just read and be alone.

We all need those days or moments to be alone and just breathe... the desire to spend time alone doesn't have to be through negativity in our day. Sometimes it is just great to be still and reflect, to have no noise bouncing around in our brains like a pinball...

This place would be a dreamy place to regather your thoughts wouldn't it?
The 3 top images are from Easy Living (2005) and are a collaboration between Debi Treloar and David brook, the bottom I am not sure about its origin but I love that time has clearly gone passed and the hideaway owner has added more to their inspiration wall :)

xx gabi xx


kimberly wheat said...

I love this!!! I think I'd be tempted to never leave!

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful! I'd love to live in a place like that <3

Unknown said...

Oh soo cozy! Love it and it would be amazing hiding away here with just a book and my yoga mat..

Love, Mia

Theharlequeen said...

Hi Gabi,
Ignore my message from yesterday.I read it very quickly and thought you thought the home was of Debi and David.If you have a moment and have any idea about the Blue macrame hanging basket and who it may be by please let me know.I can always send a picture if it doesn't spring to mind as you post a lot of images.

Moon to Moon said...

Glad i am not he only one inspired by this beautiful place. I would definitely take my yoga mat too!!

Theharlequeen, if you could send me an email that would be great and i will see what i can do xx