Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Home of... 3 Brooklyn Artists

"Though it somehow never feels cluttered, this space is filled with a miscellany of oddments accumulated over the course of the lives of its occupants—and each one has a story to tell: an Ikat textile adorns Wass’s bed, under the watchful eye of a flying pig (both acquired on trips to Bali); a handwoven belt bought in a Bolivian market hangs next to a ceramic necklace made by Wass’s grandmother; a one-armed lamp named “Hernani” stands guard over Ginsberg’s art; a yard sale of objects populates Wass’s bedside table—“vintage bracelets, a glass pendant that my mother made for me, striated rocks given to me by Bedouin friends while traveling in Jordan, a little tool for weaving yarn into a square cord, coins from various countries, shells from various beaches, a vintage umbrella sent from a friend in Australia…”—providing daily inspiration."

 This is the home of three Brooklyn Artists jewellery designer Laura Wass, Pepi Ginsberg (lead singer of the band Companion), and Lucy Childress (a photographer… and nurse). 

Images by Brian Ferry , original article from  BK magazine


freefaller said...


I love , love your blog. Everytime it opens I feel this burst of excitement. :). Thought Id let you know.

Moon to Moon said...

Hey freefaller,
Thank you so much for your kind words. It is so great to get positive feedback.

Meinhilde said...

I love these photos! Such a relaxed bohemian vibe, yet everything is carefully curated.

Meg said...

I am exactly the same way. Especially love the features on homes and books and libraries! Always such a pleasure.