Thursday, 2 October 2014

Vintage Homes: Rainbow Rooms from the 1970's

Vintage Interiors: Rainbow bathroom From the "Golden Homes" magazine, c1972

A clockwork bathroom, courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens circa 1974
Stripy 1970's bathroom
Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Ideas, 1975
1970's Rainbow bed

These rooms are something else arent they? I have actually been saving up crazy trippy rainbow and stripey images from the 1970's for the last year until I had enough to make a blog post about.

If I am honest i wouldn't want one in my house but I love elements, like the rainbow floor int he kids room


My Grama's Soul said...

Gabi I remember these vividly. I was a young married mother in the 70's. Were not my cup of tea then but are certainly smile worthy now!



Ipmilat said...

Gawd... My teens coincided with the seventies. I hated the clunky, synthetic style of the decade even as I lived through it. The eighties were briefly a relief until the naked greed and exploitation got too blatant. Mentally I live in the late sixties. (Which suggests I probably have a mental age of seven.)

Moon to Moon said...

I have to be honest I would defiantly not want them in my house but like you say Jo are totally worth a smile.

Vilges... me too, 60's or 70's xx

Tera said...

I actually saw a four color rainbow zig zag recently on the wall of a newly built home. It totally reminded me of my childhood, however, nothing else in their decor was retro in the least. It really worked with their very modern, grey, muted furniture. There was such simplicity and then this vibrant zigzag...really stood out as a work of art in how evocative it was.

Unknown said...

Had a rainbow canvas over my bed during my childhood in the 7os. It was VERY cool at the time. I also had a peacock chair. Who knew I was so cool at ten?