Friday, 26 June 2015

The Home of... Julia Chaplin

Julia scoured the internet for her Camaleonda sofa, a 1970s design by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia. Whether she’s having a dance party or her daughter is at play, the modular lightweight pieces get moved regularly.

A built-in carpeted platform bed, and the rope wall hanging by Sally England is the first piece Julia ever commissioned.

 Having seen the books Gypset Travel, Style and Living at first glance I was quite surprised by the simplicity of Author Julia Chaplins New York Brownstone home. I was expecting, more tassels and feathers, bells and trinkets and certainly walls draped in textiles from around the world.....

.....but although Julias home is very minimal it does have a rock n roll edge...

.....the entire home is modeled after the Rolling Stones’ recording of Exile on Main Street. “I was looking at images of this old French château with grand structural bones,” Julia says. “When the Stones arrived, they pushed everything to the side to live on the floor—they converted the formality to fit their lifestyle.”

Once you look deeper, the fairly conservative home does have all the elements you would expect from a seasoned world traveler, just in moderation. It is in fact impeccably styled, and that vintage leather Mario Bellini sofa and Blue rug combination is just divine!

Of her sancuary Julia says
  “It’s incredibly zen and quiet, a place where I can think and process all the stuff I’ve picked up running around the world,” she says. “Nothing is jarring, loud, or too distracting.”

To see the full set of images and Julias tips for shopping around the world Visit One Kings Lane here

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