Thursday, 25 June 2015

Mirror Magic..... Ways to incorprate mirrors into your home

Painted Mirror
Those old fashioned dark wood Victorian mirrors that always look so gloomy and austere look great painted modern colours and create an eye catching center piece in the dining room

Large teak Mirro

If like mine, your inner walls are not all solid brick then rather than risk an accident why not lean large heavy full length mirrors against the wall. This beautiful heavy teak mirror looks great rested on the pink rattan table... A perfect look for a bedroom

Vintage Mirrors: I would love to do this in my bathroom

Although gaining popularity and therefore price, these beautiful vintage mirrors are still relatively cheap and look great as a collection. This look is perfect for a bathroom or hallway.

Large Antique Convex Mirrors

Antique beauty
I love round mirrors anyway, but the fact hat these mirrors are slightly deteriorating just adds to the beauty for me. 


M. Kosh said...

Heads up *Incorporate* not Encorporate

moonpoppy said...

I love the round mirrors,in fact I love everything I see in that last picture :)

Olivia said...

These are all so lovely, need to get my hands on all of them! Liv x