Monday, 29 June 2015

Kaleidoscope Quilt from Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Kaleidoscope Quilt in the Winnebago of Liz Morrow
Urban Outfitters Kaleidoscope Quilt

Kaleidoscope Quilt Urban Outfitters

Have you ever wanted something but not brought it and then really kicked yourself when it went out of the stores? That is exactly what I have done with the Kaleidoscope Quilt from Urban Outfitters. This beauty has been in stores for years and now I have finally decided to buy one they are no longer on sale here in the UK :-(

it really is so gorgeous isn't it?

Kaleidoscope quilt
These babies are still availale in the States here


Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

That quilt is quite fantastic

Danielle said...

Those quilts always look so soft. Maybe you'll find one on ebay or something. :)

franziska / stilgerecht said...

This quilt is really beautiful!

To bad i prefer really simple things for my flat at the moment :)

zunni said...

I've tried to buy it, but unfortunately it is one one of those UO products that they will not sell to Australia. I did buy a couple of their paisley, all cotton quilts when they were on sale though, and they're lovely, light quilts. Still grumpy/sad about being unable to buy the patchwork one though...

Kath said...

Gabi, you will have to start taking patchwork and quilting lessons :-)
There is a great place at Clevedon. Shame we are not neighbours I could help you get started.

Cindi said...

It is beautiful. Don't you think you can find it on e-bay or something? Or else you'll just have start sewing patchwork yourself :)


Jona said...

Its lovely. Loved the bed frills, the wall hanging, the iron bed , on the whole all that is done by the renovation designer.

Unknown said...

I absolutely adore this quilt! It adds the perfect splash of colour.

Jess at Wallpaper Ink