Saturday, 20 June 2015

Current Obsession: Japenese 'Washi' Tea Canisters...

Japanese tea Canister covered with Washi paper

Washi Paper literally translates as Wa - 'Japanese' and 'shi' paper, and refers to paper made in the traditional way. Washi is one of the UNESCO’s Intangible cultural heritage objects. Washi is used for many purposes in Japan, one of which is to decorate tea caddys.

Although these beautiful tea caddys may have a delicate paper exterior they do have a metal air tight skeleton to keep your tea fresh. The good news is these tins are also relatively cheap too!
Japanese Washi tea tin

I found some really beautiful tins on etsy and over at Rishi


The Wild Fairy said...

These are lovely Gabi! I'm always looking for beautiful 'things' to put my 'things' in! Off to Etsy now, thanks for the idea! x

Elina said...

The great thing about these Teaholders is that they come in various sizes and all the patterns fit together no matter the colour! I used to work in this Japanese design shop in Hamburg and got myself a bunch of Canisters as I couldn't really pick the prettiest of the bunch. I also made one myself using decopatch glue, washi Origamipapers and an old matcha can. Fun!

franziska / stilgerecht said...