Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Painted Stairs pt.2.. Spiral staircases

Yellow Spiral Stairs in the home of Shirly Kurata
Pretty in Pink
Red Spiral staircase
Rainbow Staircase in an Ultra-modern house
You know when you are little and you plan your dream home with your siblings? Well mine would always include a spiral staircase. They have always been the top of my cool list. They are of course impracticable and a bit of a ball ache to walk up and down, plus they are cold and really unsafe for pets and children.... but I still really want one!

... but now my dream spiral staircase is green, or teal....

To see Painted stairs Pt 1 visit here


moonpoppy said...

I love the pink one eventhough it is very barbie-esque :)

Moon to Moon said...

Me too. I am not really a pink kinda girl but that one is beautiful isn't it! I dont really like the rest of that modern house but a rainbow staircase is very cool :)

PinkPanthress said...

I adore the Red Spiral & the Rainbow Staircase... <3