Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Moon to Moon Home at Christmas: with Not on The High Street

Leather Drinks Tray, Battery Candles, Tangiers Fairy Lights, Handmade Snowflake Wrapping Paper, Personalised Christmas Sack, Rare breed Sheepskin Rug

When I was asked by Not On The High Street to choose some items to make a Christmas theme for my home I was really excited...... I love Christmas!!!

My first thought was to Glam it up with plenty of Glitter and shiny baubles but having a partner who doesn't appreciate Christmas I thought I would do Christmas.... but played down.

Hand Made Wrapping Paper, Personalised Christmas Sack, Rare Bread Sheepskin Rug, Mistletoe
Although a larger company, Not on The High Street is actually made up of lots of smaller (largely Independent) business's, and therefore offers a great selection of products that are handmade, ethically produced and fair trade.
The items I chose were mainly items that could be reused through out the year but were perfect for creating a warm and cozy Christmas, indulging all the 5 senses. I first created a Christmas Pinterest board to gather my inspiration. Stars, snowflakes, sheepskin and warming chai tea!!

Although at 18 months, Alex is a little too young to fully appreciate Christmas I still wanted to choose sensory items that he would enjoy. I adore candles but would never light any with him around so decided to try some of the battery operated ones and see what Alex thought of them. They actually do flicker like normal candles and give off the most beautiful warm glow.... needless to say he (and I) loved them!!

The Personalised Christmas sack is a really beautiful item that was great value. Growing up with plenty of Christmas traditions in my family, it is great to start creating some for Alex so it is lovely to think that he will be using this sack for years to come .......

Small Leather Tray, Candles, Loose Chai tea, Spicy Ginger Cookies made using Star Cookie Cutter, Unglazed Indian Chai Cups
The Spicy biscuits and Chai were a little luxury for me. I love making Chai tea for myself from scratch but even better is when I can make it to share with my long time Christmas comrade, my sister Lizzy. Therefore it was totally necessary I choose 2 of the little Handmade Indian Chai Mugs.

The Antique Sunburst Mirror is one I have had my eye on for a long time,  with it's rich gold colour it reminds me of the shining North Star. I dressed it up with some of the Tangier Christmas light and teamed it up with a vintage Indian Patchwork throw and a Mug of Mulled wine.

I adore the Mirror, but for me the most beautiful item I received was the Rare Bread Sheepskin rug. I have had cheaper ones in the past which are perfectly adequate, but I have got to say the quality of this one is amazing, it is so so soft.... Alex loves wiggling around on it!

Antique Gold Sunburst Mirror, Tangiers Lights, Candles, Mulled Wine Glass (didn't stay full for long)
I have really enjoyed dressing my house up and would like too thank Not On The High Street for the opportunity. I was genuinely surprised by the large selection of products on offer from smaller and independent companies.... the hardest job was trying to choose !!!

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Laura Harwood said...

Ag Gabi, I must admit that I really fight with my vegan sensibilities over sheepskin rugs. I love the softness, and the organic feel of them, so sensual and luxe, and I have eyed those rare breed ones mournfully.

It really dosen't seem right to make rare sheep into rugs...I mean, on no planet can that be right... and yet..

fortunately my partner is much stronger than me on these matters, I don't think he would speak to me for a month if I ordered such a thing.

Dreadful thoughts for a vegan!