Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Serene Bedroom

The problem with blogging is that sometimes it is impossible to find an original source for a photo that you love. I usually follow wild goose hunt trails from Pinterest to tumblr and back to pinterest etc.... The top image has been one of those that i have been trying to track for sometime and I finally found it today!!!

The picture is from the flickr account of 'mista masaai', and is from a series of before and after shots that he took of his bedroom.

It is such a beautiful relaxing room isn't it? I love the calm relaxing vibe of this room. The soft muted tones paired with the turquoise bedspread work beautifully with those big house plants..... and that mid-century modern chair is a perfect touch.

 It is one of my all time favorites and I am so glad I tracked it down so I can finally credit it properly!!


Danielle said...

This room seems like the air would feel fresh - so many plants.

Ipmilat said...

Oh, sod... I've just bought two Turkish lamps with multi-coloured mosaic shades to brighten up a dull mock fireplace, and this room makes everything I have look garish. I give up.

LT said...

Gabi, your blog is lovely