Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Rainbow in The Dark.....

" Dark, Light, Mysterious, Gypsy and Psychedelic. Shot in the hinterland of Byron Bay By curator Sally Patti. Featuring incredible vintage by Theendcollective and Jewellery By Vice Jewellery. This house was hand built in the seventies and has a hippie commune vibe. Filled with nick nacks, crystals, books and antique gypsy trinkets from decades ago. There was not a single door in the whole house and the nature outside was welcomed indoors. Loft beds and holes in the floor. The perfect place to loose your mind. "

 The other day my friend Georgie (owner of the fabulous Luna Rose Vintage) led me to a picture of this awesome photoshoot by Sally Patti that she had found on Instagram. My heart jumped. This beautiful shoot, shot outside Bryon bay is literally like something from my dreams!!

I have always wanted my own little bohemian/witchy chill out retreat in the woods and this is pretty much exactly how I imagined it!

To view more of this beautiful photo shoot styled for Vice Jewellery visit The Drip

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