Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Home of..... Artist Donjo

This beautiful hand built bohemian home is part of an Artists community in Buenos Aires

 This beautiful Buenos Aires oasis is the home of Artist Donjo. The home, made from pallets and boards took him only one month to construct and is such a perfect example of what can be done with passion and a small budget. Apart form the bed and sofa which used to be his grandmothers, Donjo has also made most of the furniture..

The beautiful huge round windows mean there is plenty of natural light for house plants, and the addition of another circular window in the roof mean Donjo can lie in bed and look at the stars!

Donjo's cozy house is located in an artists community in Buenos Aires where 12 other artists have workshops and homes. I have to say this sounds like an absolute dream doesnt it?

 To check out more of the home visit Casa Chaucha

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