Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The home of... Rebecca Goldschmidt

Its cold and grey here in the UK so here is a bright, charming (warm looking) apartment tour to add some sparkle to your day. I found this 5 year old tour over at Refinery 29, via the second image which I found on Pinterest. Although I find myself craving a pretty little Victorian property, with period features, I also have a real thing for warehouse living... I think it stemmed from the warehouse in Heartbrake High (90's Australian High School Drama).

This west Oakland home belongs so artist and blogger Rebecca Goldschmidt and her two artisit housemates....

Where do you draw your decorating inspiration from? "I don't plan any of my home decor, but I guess the inspiration kind of comes from obsessive collectors, folk artists, my mom and grandmother. I don't mind clutter, so when I find something I like, I just find a spot for it and tack it up, without measuring or fussing about placement. I saw that movie Herb and Dorothy, about the art collector couple whose apartment is just crammed, floor to ceiling, with cats, and turtle tanks, and works by Richard Tuttle and Sol LeWitt, and I hoped that someday that would be my life." 

What do you love most about your space?

 "My roommates Paul Morgan and Jessalyn Aaland! They're both incredibly talented artists and as you can tell, they've really transformed what could be a dreary, raw space into a home. Paul has everything organized brilliantly and both of their work—Jessalyn's collages and Paul's prints—combined with their estate sale finds, make it a bright and fun place where we all can happily get a lot of work done. I'm so grateful to have found such awesome roommates and that our aesthetics blend together so effortlessly!"

 To read the remainder of the interview and see more photos visit Refinery 29 here


kjsutcliffe said...

Sitting in the gloom of a uk early morning (where has the sun gone?) your post has certainly cheered me up - found you through pinterest and love what I see - thank you

CIELO said...

Always so much to see here... lovely!


Daniel Chavis said...

Xx Gabb!