Wednesday 27 January 2016

Organic Raw Chocolate from Launette....

Through blogging I have 'met' some truly awesome and inspiring people, and I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and support I have received from people I have never met..

... one of these lovely people is Launette, full time mum to 6 month old twin boys, part time DJ, and raw Choclatier.. phew....what a woman!!!

I have been feeling a little run down over the last few months and recognizing a fellow mum in need launette sent me some of her yummy Organic Raw chocolate...

"Hand crafted organic raw chocolate.... made with Ecuadorian beans, Stone ground for 2 days, Sweetened with Mesquite, a Peruvian pod - naturally low GI and Mineral rich.... "

.... is it good? ... Well it didn't last a minute after this photo was taken... so yes, absolutely!!!

If you are needing a gift for a loved one or a little pick me up for yourself I totally recommend

Launette is on Instagram here

You can also check out her 2012 home tour on Moon to Moon here


moonpoppy said...

I have never tasted raw chocolate,but they look beautiful,like cut gemstones,they are even shiny!I wouldn't know what I'd do with them,display or eat :)

Moon to Moon said...

They are really Yummy. These lasted about 2 seconds after the photo was taken :)