Friday 26 February 2016

A beautiful relaxed bohemian Artists home in Baltimore

A Beautiful Relaxed Bohemian Artists Home in Baltimore

Having lived in Belarus, New York, Pennsylvania and now Maryland, Daria Souvorova has seen her fair share of apartments. Moving can be tiresome, but it has taught her exactly what a home must have in order for her creativity and happiness to flourish. Her latest move saw her strolling around Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood looking for a new apartment. Checklist in hand, she was eager to find a place with “decorated mantels, parquet floors, huge windows, chandeliers and high ceilings.”

It was another feature, however, that had Daria pining for this 2-bedroom walkup: leaded, glass windows. Every room in the 800-square-foot apartment has them. The windows’ history and beauty immediately caught her eye, but the planner in Daria had to make doubly sure this was the right fit. In the same thoughtful manner in which she approached her apartment search, she crafted a 2D, scale model of the walkup. She even gridded out furniture beforehand so she could know exactly how every item would fit inside! Luckily this exercise proved the home’s worth, and she moved right in.

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Photography by Rafael Soldi

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