Saturday 27 February 2016

Cozy White Warm Bohemian Bedrooms .....

Cozy White Bohemian Bedroom: Styled by Urban Outfitters

Relaxing warm white bedroom
White bedroom: From that lampshade!!
Dreamy, warm white bedroom

Here are some beautiful white bedrooms to prove that white doesn't have to feel minimal and clinical. Using layers of cream and white textiles, including knits, sheepskins, and fluffy rugs etc... can still give a chilled out, cozy bohemian vibe to your room. Of course house plants and natural wood floors also help, but for those of you with carpets like me, layered rugs made from natural fibers also do a perfect job.......or a dreamy beach view....swoon

White bedroom: The most dreamy view!


Laura Harwood said...

Oh.... that view in that last bedroom...over the sea. Wow. I'd be slightly worried about tsunamis but still wow. just wow.

Philosopher and the Farm said...

I love the sauna's with a sea view too!

Elina said...

I love all of them!!