Wednesday 17 February 2016

Thyme Herbal's 'Everyday Living Series'

I think I have featured the bottom Thyme Herbal poster before on Moon to Moon, but the collaborative work of hebalist Brittany Wood Nickerson and Illustrator Chelsea Iris Granger is just so beautiful I thought it deserved a re-share.

Although I am a nurse in a very clinical/medicine based field, I truely beleive in the power of plant based medicine and nutrition, however like many people can become lazy when cooking for myself.  These pretty posters would be perfect for the kitchen wall not only to brighten up the room but also to inspire me to cook healthy food for the family.

The Moon Calendar is also stunning and educational......About the Moon Poster the collaborative duo say...

The intention of this year’s poster is to help inspire connections with herbs associated with sleeping, dreaming, and relaxing. The moon is a nightly creature, long associated with quiet, darkness, and soft introspection. It carries a dreamy energy that helps us access the more watery, intimate places inside ourselves. Connecting with moon energy is a great way to connect with these more subtle elements of the self.

Herbal Wisdom by Brittany Wood Nickerson , Illustrations by Chelsea Iris Granger
Close Up of Kitchen Medicine Poster

The Posters and inspirational information about Herbailsm/ recipies can be found over at Thyme Herbal and I thoroughly recommend a visit!!

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Laura Morrigan said...

I love botanical illustrations! Beautiful!