Wednesday 7 August 2013

Help save this beautiful handmade roundhouse

Charlie Hague and Megan Williams hand built this beautiful timber-framed roundhouse house, with straw bale walls, an earth floor, and a living roof, in Glandwr, North Pembrokeshire last summer for £15,000. It was built on the plot of land owned by Charlies parents that the couple had been living in a damp caravan on for the last 4 years and with the news that Megan was pregnant Charlie decided to build their own home.

Sadly now the home may have to be demolished as the couple did not have planning permisson for the property and the council feel the

" benefits of the development did not outweigh the harm to the character 
and appearance of the countryside"

The home is actually situated next door to the Lammas Eco-village!!!! How their home can impact negatively on an eco-village is beyond me

So Moon to Moon readers I urge you to sign this petition to grant retrospective planning permission to Charlie and Megs roundhouse. With over 22,000 signatures already they only needed 2961 more signatures at the time this post was published. All that is needed is your name and where you live...

Thank you Kath for drawing my attention to this story xxx


**Anne** said...

I have just signed the petition. I am supporting this young couple 100%. Having just asked my followers to sign a petition to stop a McDonalds development in Tecoma, Victoria where I live, an environmentally sensitive area, I would like to respond in kind. Unfortunately our petition has not succeeded. Just today McDonalds contractors came in and demolished the buildings standing in their way. I hope this young couple have more success than our community has.
Anne xx

Kath said...

yes I have signed and shared on Facebook. Soulless bureaucrats have waved through some hideous buildings and now this divine home in under threat of the bull dozer.

Anonymous said...

I signed and shared as well! But the widget says, it still needs 5063 signatures?

Daryl @ Fort Myers new homes said...

This house is amazing. That staircase is unbelievable. I'm assuming he made it all by hand. This takes "rustic" to a whole new level. I think they should invite the Council over for some tea to help them appreciate the value to their family as well as the beauty of this home.