Friday 9 August 2013

Shop Focus: Millie's Cheeseboards

'The Tree Climber' handcrafted camphalaurel cheeseboard
'Our Mountain' Cheeseboard
Millie's ' Light as a feather' Cheeseboard
Millie's awesome hand painted cheeseboards via Instagram
I discovered these beautiful natural cheeseboards yesterday via the fabulous Kerrie from Gypsy River and just had to share the love. The cheeseboards are all designed and hand painted by Millie Fairhill and sold in her online shop here. She sells out quickly, but does do custom orders!!! Awesome aren't they?


Unknown said...

These are beautiful!! I wish her site wasn't completely sold out :(

CreativaCale said...

Nice!Nice! NIce!:))

Suzanne said...


Sara said...

I love these, so pretty, and its not often you can say that about a cheeseboard! A lovely find.

Unknown said...

Oh such nice ones these are! I am loving all the patterns on it <3