Thursday 14 November 2013

Small Kitchens: Utilizing Space

hanging Pans: A well loved, well used kitchen
Small kitchen inspiration: shelves not cupboards
Small Pink Kitchen..... Love that painting!!
It's not a kitchen without Cookery books :)
Blue Kitchen Walls, Via Earths kitchen
Yellow pans
if you have a small kitchen and a tight budget, like me, it can be a bit of a struggle to find the space to keep your pots and pans, and plates.... especially if like me you would rather spend money on yummy food than the tiles you dream of  :)

I love the idea of shelves in the kitchen rather than cupboards.. I also love those rails with hooks... perfect way to utilize a small space and show off your best enamelware and dried herbs...


Jen said...

Love these--they are so charming and filled with life. That pink wall is great and I love the art on it, and the portrait on the blue wall. Fun stuff.

Val said...

I love these kitchens. Mine is just as small, but one of my biggest issues with it is that the walls aren't strong enough to hold much of anything--ity's like hammering into cotton balls--so many vertical storage options don't work for me here. I have a couple more ideas-in-the-works for this kitchen, but it won't be all it could be as a small space because of the shoddy wall construction. Anyway, the ones shown are beautiful.

Here's a pegboard I made for our above our kitchen sink last year; We've added extra hooks and a few more utensils to it since these pitcures:

That was one good wall, at least. :)

Manpreet said...

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Jenni said...

3rd one is my fave!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful examples -- The first photo does speak to the notion that folks should always use caution to hang heavy shelving and pots/pans etc.!

Use really strong screws AND anchors into a wall -- plus take caution piling up the really nice crockery! :)


Dan Kitchens said...

such great photographs. They so homely and vintage. The pots hanging above the stove is great . Saves time searching through a cupboard for them and moving everything around.

Milla said...

Have a big kitchen and still have this problem. I don't even know what my perfect kitchen would be like, because most of them are so poorly designed. These ideas are so clever.