Friday, 22 November 2013

Meet the Sponsors....

Every Month Moon to Moon has a lovely selection of sponsors hand picked from Loads of emails every month requesting a Slot. Many of them are from large corporations and high street chains, that I do not feel reflect Moon to Moon or its readers interests. So I turn down the larger companies to highlight the smaller businesses who I feel comfortable and proud to work with....

I am extremely grateful to all the sponsors, long and short term that have supported Moon to Moon, and so have decided to start a monthly post, highlighting these wonderful artists and small businesses that I am proud to work with.

Beyond Marrakesh

Beyond Marrakesh is a small company based outside of Marrakesh and run by the wonderfully lovely Danielle. Beyond Marrakesh is my longest standing sponsor and I have seen Danielle's beautiful shop and stunning Guest House (check it out here) develop. I have the most beautiful Handira from Danielle's and even my boyfriend is obsessed.... the warmest winter blanket ever!!!

Wedding blankets, a vast selection of beautiful Moroccan pouffes and Beni Ourain rugs make Beyond Marrakesh a one stop shop for beautiful Moroccan goodies....

Soul Makes

Soul Makes is another small business that has been a Moon to Moon Sponsor for the best part of 2013. I first became obsessed with Soul Makes after receiving a stunning Jasper necklace (similar to this one) from the talented maker Mac back in Spring. I wear it everywhere and get so many comments on it!!
My current love and dream list item is their beautiful Night Hawk necklace (above left).... Swoon!!

Cosmic Bath and Beauty
Cosmic Bath and Beauty is a small etsy shop that is run by the talented Michelle. Michelle hand makes all the beautiful, affordable, natural products in the shop and has grown quite a collection. 

Island Coconut body Butter is currently the product at the top of my wish list.....yum...

Star Native

Star Native is another small independent Etsy shop specializing in handmade earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I love the beautiful handmade orthoceras ring above and this stunning quartz point ring, both to small for my chubby fingers :)

La Vie Boheme Jewelry

la Vie Boheme jewelery is another independent shop owned by jewelery maker  and all round design talent Alice. I selected Alice's shop as I love the romantic, antique feel of her jewelery.... being a total long earring fan i love her beautiful intricate earrings...

If you would like to be a sponsor of Moon To Moon and feature in the next 'Meet the Sponsors' post, due out early December, perfect for Christmas shopping, then email me at 

(please bear in mind I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse as well as blogging so may not reply straight away)....

Slots come in 2 sizes 
250 x 150  (h x w)= £40
250 x 75 = £25

xx Gabi xx

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MacK @ SoulMakes said...

Love it! Thank you so much for supporting us :)

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